Ahmad Izani Md Ismail


Prof. Dr. Ahmad Izani Md. Ismail
B.Sc. London, M.Sc. Reading, Ph.D. Bradford
Numerical Methods, Approximate Analytical Methods, Mathematical Modeling
Room no: 030, Ext: 3657/3284

ORCID ID: https://orcid.org/0000-0002-4876-5462


Main research areas:

  1. Numerical and Approximate Analytical Methods for Differential Equations (including fractional).
  2. Mathematical Modelling.

PhD students graduated as main supervisor:

  1. Ghoreishi (Iran)              6.     Mutlag (Iraq)                      11.     Fauzi (Malaysia)              16. Nur Amalina (Malaysia)
  2. Sadeghi (Iran)                7.     Al-Shibani (Libya)               12.     Almousa (Jordan)
  3. Jashim (Bangladesh)      8.     Hafiz (Malaysia)                 13.     Nadiah (Malaysia)
  4.  Agos Salim (Malaysia)  9.     Jameel (Iraq)                      14.     Hytham (Jordan)
  5. Goh (Malaysia)              10.   Mabood (Pakistan)              15.     Faisal (Malaysia)

Short Biodata (< 100 words)

Prof. Izani obtained his undergraduate and postgraduate degrees from the UK.  He has been with Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM) since 1984 and was conferred his Professorship in 2011.  He has published widely in journals and proceedings and was the Dean of the School of Mathematical Sciences, USM from 2003 – 2015.


Professor Dr. Izani Ismail joined the School of Mathematical Sciences, USM, as a lecturer in 1984. Presently he is a Professor in the School. He was the Dean of the School from 2003-2015. He has been on the organizing committees of many national and international conferences. He has, to date, published more than 175 papers in national and international journals.


Numerical Methods, Approximate Analytical Methods, Mathematical Modeling.


 Prof. Izani's list of publications can be found in the SCOPUS database. For 2018, Prof. Izani published 12 papers in conference proceedings and journals. These were all joint work with students and collaborators.


Computer Programming, Fluid Mechanics, Differential Equations and Numerical Methods.


Professor Dr. Izani Ismail has successfully supervised 16 PhD students and is presently supervising 10 students. His past and present PhD students are from: Malaysia, Bangladesh, Egypt,Pakistan, Jordan, Yemen, Iran, Iraq and Libya.
In addition, Professor Dr. Izani has supervised 5 postdoctoral fellows sponsored by USM, International Agencies and foreign governments.



• Associate Editor, Punjab University Journal of Mathematics.
• Editorial Board Member of Bulletin of Malaysian Mathematical Sciences Society.
• Editorial Board Member of Journal of Interpolation and Approximation in Scientific Computing.
• Dean, School of Mathematical Sciences, USM, 2003-2015.
• Senate member of USM.
• External Examiner of M.Sc./PhD theses, Referee for Promotions, Malaysian Qualifications Agency Evaluator, Paper Reviewer and several others.