Volume 22 • Number 1 • 1999

The Neutrix Product of the Distributions and
Brian Fisher and Fatma Al-Sirehy

Teorem Titik Tetap pada Ruang 2-Metrik
Mashadidan Abu Osman bin Md Tap

On Pre-Urysohn Spaces
Ramprasad Paul and P. Bhattacharyya

A Survey of Divisibility Tests with a Historical Perspective
Mangho Ahuja and James Bruening

Multiply Integer-Valued Polynomials in a Galois Field
Vichian Laohakosol and Kannika Kongsakorn

A Note on Exact Sequences
B. Davvaz and Y.A. Parnian-Garamaleky

A Cusp-Like Free-Surface Flow Caused by a Source/Sink in a 57 Channel of Finite Depth
Leo Hari Wiryanto

Common Fixed Points for Compatible Mappings of Type (A)
Zeqing Liu and Fengrong Zhang, JiangFeng Mao

Some Conditions on Infinite Subsets of Infinite Groups
Alireza Abdollahi and Bijan Taeri