Volume 26 • Number 2 • 2003
Certain Properties of Parabolic Starlike and Convex Functions of Order

R. Aghalary and S.R. Kulkarni


Homogeneous Metrical Structures on Manifold
Adrian Sandovici and Victor Blanuta

On Semi Perfect Functions
Moiz-ud-din Khan, Bashir Ahmad and Takashi Noiri

On Estimating Error Concentration Parameter for Circular Functional Model
Abdul Ghapor Hussin and Zazli Chik

Results on Some Neutrix Convolutions of Functions and Distributions
Brian Fisher and Mustafa Telci

Linear Transformations of N-connections in OSC²M (II)

On a Class of Residually Finite Groups
Bijan Taeri

Optimal Allocation in Multivariate Sampling Through Chebyshev Approximation
S. Pirzada and S. Maqbool

Pengquantuman Sistem Kepler-Newton-Coulomb dalam Matra Dua Menerusi Aljabar Lie
Ahmad Faris bin Abdul Razak dan Shaharir bin Mohamad Zain

The Beginning of the Spectral Theory of Nevanlinna’s Mapping from
Topological Space to Endomorphisms Algebra of Banach Space and its Applications

Misir B. Ragimov