Volume 28 • Number 1 • 2005

α-I-Preirresolute Functions and β-I-Preirresolute Functions
A. Açikgöz, S. Yüksel, T. Noiri

Structures of Fuzzy Ideals of Γ-ring
T.K. Dutta and T. Chanda

On Fuzzy Semi-pre-generalized Closed Sets
R.K. Saraf, Govindappa Navalagi and Meena Khanna

Almost δ-precontinuous Multifunctions
E. Ekici

Some Results on Value Distribution of Meromorphic Functions
Wen-Hua Zhang

On Differential Rational Invariants of Finite Subgroups of Affine Group
Bekbaev Ural

Some Remarks on Generalized Inverses of Conjugate EP Matrix
AR. Meenakshi and R. Indira

Contra-Pre-Semi-Continuous Functions
M.K.R.S. Veera Kumar

Some Inequalities Between two Polygons Inscribed one in the Other
Aurelio de Gennaro

A Chain Regression Estimator In Two Phase Sampling Using Multi-Auxiliary Information
B.K. Pradhan

Functions with Preclosed Graphs
Nandini Bandyopadhyay and P. Bhattacharyya

A Subcritical Flow Problem Over a Stepping Bottom
L. H. Wiryanto