Volume 30 • Number 1 • 2007

About Uniform Boundedness and Convergence of Solutions of Certain Non-Linear Differential Equations of Fifth-Order
Cemil Tunç

γ-(α,β)-Semi Open Sets and Some New Generalized Separation Axioms
Ennis Rosas, Carlos Carpintero and José Sanabria

Study of (Λ,α)-Closed Sets and the Related Notions in Topological Spaces
M. Caldas, D. N. Georgiou, and S. Jafari

On 2-Quasi-Umbilical Pseudosymmetric Hypersurfaces in the Euclidean Space
Cihan Özgür

A Note on ψ-Operator
Shyampada Modak and Chhanda Bandyopadhyay

Coalescence of Difans and Diwheels
Diego Bravo and Juan Rada

The Symmetric Group of Degree Six can be Covered by 13 and no Fewer Proper Subgroups
A. Abdollahi, F. Ashraf and S. M. Shaker

On K-Starcompact Spaces
Yan-Kui Song

Fuzzy Prime Ideals in Γ-rings
T. K. Dutta and Tanusree Chanda

Null Generalized Helices in Lm+2
A. F. Yaliniz and H. H. Hacisalihoglu