Volume 35 • Number 1 • 2012

Jensen's Operator and Applications to Mean Inequalities for Operators in Hilbert Space
Mario Krnic, Neda Lovricevic and Josip Pecaric

Chromaticity of Complete 6-Partite Graphs with Certain Star or Matching Deleted
H. Roslan, A. Sh. Ameen, Y. H. Peng and H. X. Zhao

Existence of Periodic Solutions of $p(t)$-Laplacian Systems
Liang Zhang and Yi Chen

A $q$-Analogue of the Meyer-König and Zeller Operators
Nazim Mahmudov and Pembe Sabancigil

The Edge Steiner Number of a Graph
Michael B. Frondoza and Sergio R. Canoy, Jr.

A Note on Graded Components of Local Cohomology Modules at the Earliest Level of Non-Artinianess
Chia S. Lim

Simple Groups Which are $2$-Fold OD-Characterizable
M. Akbari and A. R. Moghaddamfar

On Lower Semi-Continuity of Interval-Valued Multihomomorphisms
S. Pianskool, P. Udomkavanich and P. Youngkhong

A Production and Repair Model under a Time-Varying Demand Process
Mohd Omar and Ivan Yeo

On Sum-Connectivity Index of Bicyclic Graphs
Zhibin Du and Bo Zhou

Strong Vector Equilibrium Problems on Noncompact Sets
San-Hua Wang, Qiu-Ying Li and Jun-Yi Fu

On Gracefulness of Directed Trees with Short Diameters
Bing Yao, Ming Yao and Hui Cheng

C-Characteristically Simple Groups
M. Shabani Attar

Common Fixed Point of Weakly Compatible Mappings in Quasi-Gauge Space
Sushil Sharma and Prashant Tilwankar

Notes on Non-Vanishing Elements of Finite Solvable Groups
Liguo He

The Measure-Theoretic Entropy of Linear Cellular Automata with Respect to a Markov Measure
Hasan Akin

Geometric Properties of Generalized Bessel Functions
Saiful R. Mondal and A. Swaminathan

A New System of Nonlinear Variational Inclusions with $(A_i,\eta_i) $-Accretive Operators in Banach Spaces
Fengrong Zhang, Zeqing Liu, Shin Min Kang and Young Chel Kwun

Capability of a Pair of Groups
A. Pourmirzaei, A. Hokmabadi and S. Kayvanfar

On Joint Distributions of Order Statistics from innid Variables
M. Güngör

The Influence of $CAP^\ast$-Subgroups on the Solvability of Finite Groups
Jianjun Liu, Xiuyun Guo and Shirong Li