Volume 37 • Number 2 • 2014

Jordan Curves in the Digital Plane
Josef Šlapal

Anti-Periodic Boundary Value Problems of Second-Order Functional Differential Equations
Jing Zhao, Jinbo Liu, Lijing Fan

On quasi pseudo-GP-injective rings and modules
Truong Cong Quynh, Nguyen Van Sanh

A Fixed Point Approach to Stability of Functional Equations in Modular Spaces
Ghadir Sadeghi

The Independence Number of $\Gamma(\mathbb{Z}_{p^{n}}(x))$
Omar A. AbuGhneim, Emad E. AbdAlJawad, Hasan Al-Ezeh

Convergence Theorems for Multi-Valued Mappings
Yekini Shehu and G.C. Ugwunnadi

Double Entire Difference Sequence spaces of Fuzzy Numbers
Kuldip Raj, Sunil K. Sharma and Anil Kumar

On the Coefficients of Integrated Expansions and Integrals of Chebyshev Polynomials of Third and Fourth Kinds
E.H. Doha and W.M. Abd-Elhameed

Sufficient Criteria for Biholomorphic Convex Mappings on $D_{p}$ in $C^n$
Jing-Hui Li and Ming-Sheng Liu

Evaluation and Computation of Diagnostic Tests: a Simple Alternative
Nahid Sultana Sumi, Ataharul M. Islam and Md. Akhtar Hossain

Moufang Loops of Odd Order $pq^4$
Wing Loon Chee and Andrew Rajah

Unsteady Free Convection Flow in a Walters'-B Fluid and Heat Transfer Analysis
Ilyas Khan, Farhad Ali, Sharidan Shafiea and Muhammad Qasim

The Artinianness of Formal Local Cohomology Modules
Yan Gu

Mean Residual Life of kth Records Under Double Monitoring
O.M. Bdair and M.Z. Raqab

Poisson Difference Integer Valued Autoregressive Model of Order One
Abdulhamid A. Alzaid and Maha A. Omair

The Equivariant Moving Frame Method of Third Order Differential Equations
M. Nadjafikhah and R. Bakhshandeh Chamazkoti

Notes on Periodic Solutions for a Nonlinear Discrete System Involving the $p$-Laplacian
Xingyong Zhang

$FP$-Gorenstein Cotorsion Modules
Ruiping Lei

Approximately Midconvex Set-Valued Functions
Alireza Kamel Mirmostafaee and Mostafa Mahdavi

Coupled Fixed Point Theorems in Partially Ordered Menger Spaces
Shenghua Wang, Gendai Gu and Yeol Je Cho

On the Unification of Two Families of Multiple Twisted Type Polynomials by Using $p$-Adic $q$-Integral at $q=-1$
Serkan Araci, Mehmet Acikgoz, Kyoung-Ho Park and Hassan Jolany

The Axiom of Hemi-Slant 3-Spheres in Almost Hermitian Geometry
Hakan Mete Taştan

A Remark on the Axiom of Spheres with Lightlike Submanifolds and Application of Jacobi Equation
Mohammed Jamali, Jae-Bok Jun, Mohammad Hasan Shahid and Mobin Ahmad

Impulsive Periodic Type Boundary Value Problems for Multi-Term Singular Fractional Differential Equations
Yuji Liu

Regular OS-rpp Semigroups
Junqi Wang, Xiaojiang Guo and Xiaowei Qiu