Adam Baharum

AB  Adam Baharum
B.Sc., M.Sc. W.Michigan
Mathematical Programming, Inventory Control, Reliability and Maintenance Modelling.
Room no: 121, Ext: 3942 


Academic Qualifications :

B.Sc., M.Sc. (Western Michigan University, USA)

Current Professional Membership :

1. Management Science/Operations Research Society of Malaysia (MSORSM)

2. Institute of Statisticians Malaysia (ISM)

3. Malaysian Mathematical Society (PERSAMA)

Current Teaching and Administrative Responsibilities :

1. MAT251/4 Introduction to Operations Research

2. MSG355/4 Inventory Contro

1. Program Chairperson – Applied Sciences (Applied Statistics and Operations Research)

2. Chairman of the Handdheld Technology Interest Group

3. Member of the Computer Facility Committee

4. Chairman of Asian Pacific Operations Research Society (APORS) Conference 2010

5. Chairman of National Conference on Graphing Calculators (NCGC) 2011

Previous Employment :

1979 – 1981 – Graduate Teaching Assistant, Western Michigan University

1978 – 1979 – Supervisor, Western’s Campus Bookstore, WMU


Research > 20 years experience


1. Adam Baharum and M. Ataharul Islam, The Analysis of Transitions in Economic Performance Using Covariate Dependent Statistical Models, Journal of Developing Areas, Spring 2010, pp289-298 Vol, 43 No. 2

2. H. Almomani, Adam Baharum and Rosmanjawati Abdul Rahman, Three-Stage Procedure and Expected Opportunity Cost for Selecting A Good Simulated Design, accepted for publication, Medwell Journals

3. Adam Baharum, Transitional Probability Model for a Serial Phases in Production, Jurnal KALAM Malaysia (accepted)

4. Nur Mulia Zakaria, Zalila Ali, Norlida Mohd. Noor, Adam Baharum, Wan Muhammad Amir W. Ahmad. Kaedah Kuasa Dua Terkecil Pemberat bagi Pertumbuhan Pokok Semalu, Prosiding Seminar Kebangsaan Aplikasi Sains dan Matematik 2010 (SKASM2010), 8-10 December 2010, Johore Bahru

5. Mohammad H. Almomani, Adam Baharum and Rosmanjawati Abdul Rahman, Three Stage Approach and the Initial Sample Size, APORS 2010, 5-8 December 2010, Penang

6. Adam Baharum, Faris Mahdi Alwan, Building Maintenance Mathematical Model To Estimate The Performance Of The High-Power Stations, APORS 2010, 5-8 December 2010, Penang


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