Noor Atinah Ahmad

NAA  Noor Atinah Ahmad
B.Sc. Bristol, Ph.D. Southampton
Phase Transition, Digital Signal Processing,
Mathematical Modelling.
Room no: 027, Ext: 3656 



Main research areas

  1. Adaptive filtering algorithms
  2. Matrix methods for signal processing


Post-grad students graduated under main supervision:

  1. Cheah Kah Wai (PhD)
  2. Khalid Hamood Mohammedali (PhD)
  3. Adnan Ifrayyih Ihlal (PhD)
  4. Fazilah Ahmad (MSc)


Short Biodata (< 100 words)

Noor Atinah Ahmad received a Bachelor degree in Mathematics from the University of Bristol in 1993 and a Doctoral degree from the University of Southampton in 1997. She joined the School of Mathematical Sciences, USM in 1997 and became an associate professor in 2014. Her current research interests is in adaptive algorithms and matrix methods in signal processing.


Sample publications within the last 5 years:

K.W. Cheah & N.A. Ahmad, Universal Approximation of Fuzzy Basis Function with Ruspini Partitioning, Bull. Malays. Maths. Soc., First  Online 06 November 2015. DOI 10.1007/s40840-015-0269-z.

S. Javed & N.A. Ahmad, A Stochastic Total Least Squares Solution of Adaptive Filtering, The Scientific World Journal, vol 2014.

K.W.Cheah & N.A. Ahmad, Robust DWT-SVD Image Watermarking with Hybrid Technique for Embedding Data in All Frequencies, AIP Conference Proceedings 1605, 227 (2014); doi: 10.1063/1.4887593.

Performance Study of LMS based Adaptive Algorithms for Unknown System Identification, AIP Conference Proceedings 1605, 233 (2014); doi: 10.1063/1.4887594.