Zarita Zainuddin

ZZ  Zarita Zainuddin
B.Sc. Monmouth College, M.Sc. Ohio, Ph.D. USM
Neural Networks Learning Algorithms, Mathematical Modelling.
Room no: 044 Ext: 3940 


Main research areas

  1. Neural Network Learning Algorithms
  2. Applications of Neural Networks
  3. Modeling and Simulation of Pedestrian Crowd Dynamics
  4. Mathematical Modeling

Post-grad students graduated under main supervision:

  1. Lai Kee Huong, PhD (2016). An Enhanced Wavelet Neural Network Model for Epileptic Seizure Detection and Prediction.
  2. Saeed Panahian Fard, PhD (2014). A Study On The Universal Approximation Capability Of Feedforward Neural Networks.
  3. Kumatha A/P Thinakaran, MSc (2013). A Modified Social Force Model for Crowd Dynamics.
  4. Mohammed Mahmod Ahmad Shuaib, PhD (2012). Development of a Microscopic Crowd Dynamic Model: Incorporating Decision Making Capability into the Social Force Model.
    1. Ong Pauline, PhD (2011). An Improved Wavelet Neural Network for Classification and Function Approximation.

Short Biodata (< 100 words)

Prof. Dr. Zarita Zainuddin’s research focuses on the improvement and development of neural network learning algorithms involving incorporation of acceleration and optimization methods into the training of neural networks for improved accuracy and convergence. These enhanced neural networks have been successfully applied to a wide range of classification and function approximation problems, from medical, including multiclass cancer classification and epileptic seizure detection and prediction, to crowd dynamics. Apart from numerous publications in journals in the Artificial Intelligence field from publishers such as Elsevier and Springer,  Professor Zarita has won many academic and innovation awards including the prestigious Malaysian Toray Science Foundation Award (MTSF) in 2003 which was awarded by the Japanese Toray Group of companies. 

Sample publications within the last 5 years:

Ong, P., Zainuddin, Z. (2016), Calibrating wavelet neural networks by distance orientation similarity fuzzy C-means for approximation problems, Applied Soft Computing, 42, 156–166 (ISI Impact factor : 2.857)

Zarita Zainuddin & Pauline Ong (2016), Optimization of wavelet neural networks with the firefly algorithm for approximation problems, Neural Computing and Applications, In Press (ISI Impact factor: 1.492)

Zarita Zainuddin, Kee Huong Lai, Pauline Ong (2016), An enhanced harmony search based algorithm for feature selection: Applications in epileptic seizure detection and prediction, Computers & Electrical Engineering, In Press (ISI Impact factor: 1.084)

Panahian Fard, S., Zainuddin, Z. (2015) The universal approximation capabilities of double 2π-periodic approximate identity neural networks, Soft Computing, Vol 19 (10), 2883-2890(ISI Impact factor: 1.63)

Zainuddin, Z., Pauline, O. (2015) An effective fuzzy C-means algorithm based on symmetry similarity approach, Applied Soft Computing, Vol 35, 433–448 (ISI Impact factor : 2.857)


Full Name

Prof. Zarita Zainuddin

Academic Qualifications

B.Sc. (Monmouth College Illinois), M.Sc. (Ohio), Ph.D. (USM)

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Conferences and Training

Research and Publications

> 20 years experience


1. Zainuddin, Z., Ong, P. (2008) Function approximation using artificial neural networks. WSEAS Transactions on Mathematics, 7(6), 333-338.

2. C. P. Leh, W. D. Wan Rosli, Z. Zainuddin, R. Tanaka (2008) Optimisation of oxygen delignification in production of totally chlorine-free cellulose pulps from oil palm empty fruit bunch fibre, Industrial Crops and Products, 28, 260-267.

3. Lim Eng Aik, Zarita Zainuddin (2008) A Comparative Study of Missing Value Estimation Methods: Which Method Performs Better? International Conference on Electronic Design.

4. Zarita Zainuddin, Ong Pauline and Cemal Ardil (2009) A Neural Network Approach in Predicting the Blood Glucose Level for Diabetic Patients. International Journal of Computational Intelligence 5(1), 72.

5. Zarita Zainuddin and Maragatham Kumar (2009) Radial Basis Function Neural Networks in Protein Sequence Classification. Malaysian Journal of Mathematical Sciences 2(2), 195-204.

6. Zarita Zainuddin, Chan Siow Cheng and Lye Weng Kit (2009) Prediction of Beta-Turns using Global Adaptive Techniques from Multiple Alignments in Neural Network. Malaysian Journal of Mathematical Sciences, 2(2), 185-194.

7. Lim Eng Aik & Zarita Zainuddin (2009) Curve Analysis for Real-Time Crowd Estimation System. European Journal of Scientific Research, 38(3), 441-453.

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9. Zarita Zainuddin & Ong Pauline (2009) Improved Wavelet Neural Network for Early Diagnosis of Cancer Patients usiing Microarray Gene Expression Data. Proceedings of International Joint Conference on Neural Networks, 3485.

10. Lim Eng Aik & Zarita Zainuddin. An Improved Fast Training Algorithm for RBF Networks Using Symmetry-Based Fuzzy C-Means Clustering. Matematika, 24(2), 141-148.

11. Zarita Zainuddin and Mohammed Mahmod Ahmad Shuaib. Modelling the independence factor and its effect on the preferred force of the Social Force Model in emergency and non-emergency situations. International Journal of Applied Mathematics & Information Sciences, 3(3).

12. Lim Eng Aik & Zarita Zainuddin. Real-Time People Counting System using Curve Analysis Method. International Journal of Computer and Electrical Engineering, 1(1), April 2009.


1. Zarita Zainuddin, Lye Weng Kit. Modified Radial Basis Function Networks for Protein Secondary Structure Prediction. Proceedings of the 5th Asian Mathematical Conference.

2. Lim Eng Aik, Zarita Zainuddin. Curve Analysis for Real-Time People Counting. Proceedings of the 5th Asian Mathematical Conference.

3. Zarita Zainuddin, Mohammed Mahmod Ahmad Shuaib, Ibtesam M Abu-Sulyman. The Characteristics of the Factors that Govern the Preferred Force in the Social Force Model of Pedetrian Movement. Proceedings of the 5th Asian Mathematical Conference.

4. Zarita Zainuddin, Kumatha Thinakaran, Ibtesam M Abu-Sulyman. Simulating the Circumambulation of the Ka’aba using Simwalk. Proceedings of the 5th Asian Mathematical Conference.

5. Lim Eng Aik & Zarita Zainuddin. A kernelized probabilistic neural network approach for counting pedestrians. IEEE International Symposium on Industrial Electronics (ISIE 2009).

6. Lim Eng Aik & Zarita Zainuddin. Kernelized Radial Basis Probabilistic Neural Network for Classification of River Water Quality.

7. International Conference on Computing and Informatics 2009, Kuala Lumpur.


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