Academic Staff

Pure Mathematics

No Name Field E-mail and Extension No.
1 Andrew Rajah, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Algebra, Groups and Moufang Loops 
Ext: 4780
2 Ang Miin Huey, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Coding Theory, Cryptography,  Algebra 
Ext: 3641
3 Azhana Ahmad, Dr. Group Theory 
Ext: 4771
4 Hailiza Kamarulhaili, Prof. Dr. Analytical Number Theory,  Cryptography 
Ext: 3284
5 Hajar Sulaiman, Dr.

Algebra, Group Theory
Ext: 4779
6 Lee See Keong, Assoc. Prof. Dr.

Stochastic Analysis
Ext: 2070
7 Maisarah Haji Mohd, Dr.

Univalent Function Theory
Ext: 4488
8 Ng Zhen Chuan, Dr. Geometric Function Theory
Ext: 5337
9 Norazrizal Aswad Abdul Rahman, Dr. Fuzzy Set Theory
Ext: 3944
10 Rosihan M. Ali, Prof. Dato’ Indera Dr. Univalent Function Theory, Complex  Analysis, Mathematical Education  (Hand-held Technology). 
Ext: 3966
11 Shamani a/p Supramaniam, Dr. Univalent Function Theory, Complex   Analysis 
Ext: 3384
12 Teh Wen Chean, Dr. Combinatorics, Graph Theory Ramsey Theory, Game Theory Theory of Natural Computing 
Ext: 4777

Applied Mathematics

No Name Field E-mail and Extension No.
1 Ahmad Izani Md. Ismail, Prof. Dr. Numerical Methods, Approximate Analytical Methods, Mathematical Modeling 
Ext: 3657
2 Ahmad Lutfi Amri Ramli, Dr. Surface Reconstruction, Computer Aided Geometric Design, Splines and Surfaces 
Ext: 2065
3 Amirah Azmi, Dr. Applied Mathematics – Solitons in colloidal media 
Ext: 2671
4 Farah Aini Abdullah, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Applied Mathematics, Simulations of cell processes, Computational Systems Biology 
Ext: 4765
5 Kong Voon Pang, Dr. Computer Aided Geometric Design 
Ext: 3943
6 Md Yushalify Misro, Dr. Computer Aided Geometric Design 
Ext: 3658
Mohd Hafiz bin Mohd, Dr. Numerical Continuation, Dynamical Systems and Bifurcation Theory, Individual-Based Models in Ecology/Biology 
Ext: 3656
8 Mohd Shareduwan bin Mohd Kasihmuddin, Dr. Neural Network Modelling
Ext: 4769
9 Noor Atinah Ahmad, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Phase Transition, Digital Signal Processing, Mathematical Modelling. 
Ext: 4767
10 Norhashidah Hj. Mohd. Ali, Prof. Dr. Partial Differential Equations, Parallel Numerical Algorithms 
Ext: 3960
11 Nur Nadiah Abd Hamid, Dr. Numerical Analysis, Computer Aided Geometric Design 
Ext: 2356
12 Norshafira Ramli, Dr. Fluid Mechanics
Ext: 4764
13 Ong Wen Eng, Dr. Surface Approximation, Shortest Path Algorithm 
Ext: 4776
14 Saratha a/p Sathasivam, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Neural Networks, Logic 
Ext: 2428
15 Syakila Ahmad, Dr. Fluid Mechanics 
Ext: 3945
16 Teh Su Yean, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Environmental/Ecosystem Modeling 
Ext: 4770
17 Yazariah Mohd. Yatim, Dr. Fluid Mechanics 
Ext: 4783
18 Zarita Zainuddin, Prof. Dr. Neural Networks Learning Algorithms, Mathematical Modelling 
Ext: 3940

Applied Statistics and Operations Research

No Name Field E-mail and Extension No.
1 Adam Baharum, Assoc. Prof. Mathematical Programming, Inventory Control, Reliability and Maintenance Modelling 
Ext: 3942
2 Adli Mustafa, Dr. Multiple Criteria Decision Modelling 
Ext: 3968
3 Ahmed R.M Alsayed, Dr.

Ext: 5285

4 Fam Pei Shan, Dr. Categorical Data Analysis 
Ext: 5908
5 Husna Hasan, Dr. Branching Process 
Ext: 3969
6 Low Heng Chin, Prof. Dr. Statistical Theory, Practical Applications of Statistics 
Ext: 3641
7 Majid Khan Majahar Ali, Dr. Game Theory, Solar Drying Systems, Solar Thermal, Statistics 
Ext: 4782
8 Michael Khoo Boon Chong, Prof. Dr. Statistical Process Control, Statistical Inference, Reliability Analysis. 
Ext: 3941
9 Mohd. Tahir Ismail, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Time Series 
Ext: 2071
10 Noor Saifurina Nana Khurizan, Dr. Data Envelopment Analysis, Multiple Criteria Decision Making 
Ext: 4989
11 Norhashidah Awang, Dr. Spatial Modelling 
Ext: 4774
12 Norlida Mohd. Noor, Ms. Applied Statistics 
Ext: 3958
13 Nuzlinda Abdul Rahman, Dr. Spatial Statistics 
Ext: 4781
14 Ong Hong Choon, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Neural Networks – Applications in Statistics 
Ext: 4763
15 Rosmanjawati Abdul Rahman, Dr. Mathematical Economics 
Ext: 4778
16 Sek Siok Kun, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Econometrics 
Ext: 5338
17 Shamsul Rijal Muhammad Sabri, Dr. Financial Time Series 
Ext: 3964
18 Siti Amirah Abd Rahman, Dr. Discrete Optimisation 
Ext: 2355
19 Zainudin Arsad, Dr. Time Series 
Ext: 2069
20 Pn. Zalila Ali, Ms. Design of Experiments 
Ext: 4775

Updated: Aug 2017