Volume 21 • Number 2 • 1998

A Note on the General Hermitian Solution to AXA*=B
Jürgen Groß

The Check Positions of Hamming Codes and the Construction of a 2EC-AUED Code
How Guan Aun and Ang Miin Huey

The Unreplicated Complex Linear Functional Relationship Model and Its Application
Abdul Ghapor Hussin

On Digraphs with Non-derogatory Adjacency Matrix
C.L. Deng and C.S. Gan

A New Approach to Solve a Nonlinear Wave Equation
Dogan Kaya

Some Weighted Estimates for Stein’s Maximal Function
Hendra Gunawan

On Certain Representation of Topological Groups
K.K. Muminov

The A.M.-G.M. Inequality as a Rearrangement Inequality
Kong-Ming Chong

The Characterization of the Spherical Timelike Curves in 3-Dimensional Lorentzian Space
Mehmet Bektas, Mahmut Ergüt and Dursun Soylu