Volume 24 • Number 2 • 2001

Functional Integral Solution of the Complex Diffusion Equation with Complex Quadratic Potential
in a Classical Path Space

Zainal Abdul Aziz

Regularity and Normality via Ideals
R.A. Mahmoud and A.A. Nasef

Menjejak Fungsi Matematik Kadar Fertiliti Umur Tertentu untuk Kelahiran di Semenanjung Malaysia
Abdul Aziz Jemain
New Proofs of the Uniqueness of Extremal Noneven Digraphs
Chjan C. Lim and Gregory K. Van Patten

Vitali Sets
Benoy Kumar Lahiri and Indrajit Lahiri

Some Properties of a Function Connected to a Double Series
D.K. Ganguly and Chandana Dutta

Methods of Destroying the Symmetries of a Graph
Frank Harary

FaIrresolute Mappings
R.K. Saraf, M. Caldas and Seema Mishra