Volume 28 • Number 2 • 2005

Some Properties of Almost Contra-Precontinuous Functions
Takashi Noiri and Valeriu Popa

Value Distribution of Meromorphic Functions Concerning Differential Polynomial
Wen-Hua Zhang

On Some Difference Sequence Set and Their Topological Properties
Rifat Çolak and Mikâil Et

Approximating Fisher's Information for the Replicated Linear Circular Functional Relationship Model
Abdul Ghapor Hussin

Special Classes of Univalent Functions with Missing Coefficients and Integral Transforms
S. Ponnusamy and P. Sahoo

Rare α-Continuity
Saeid Jafari

Numerical Solution of Boussinesq Equations as a Model of Interfacial-wave Propagation
L.H. Wiryanto

Strongly ψ-Bounded and Classes of Linear Operators in Probabilistic Normed Space
Iqbal Hamzh Jebril and Mohd. Salmi Md. Noorani

Some Integral Properties of a General Class of Polynomials Associated with Feynman Integrals
V.B.L. Chaurasia and Ashok Singh Shekhawat

Lanjutan Satu Kaitan Koszul Mendatar Berbentuk Maurer-Cartan
Tahir Ahmad

Semicompactness in Fuzzy Topological Spaces
R.P. Chakraborty, A. Bhattacharyya and M.N. Mukherjee

On Fuzzy Quotient Mappings
P.V. Ramakrishnan and A. Regina Mary

Submanifolds of a Lorentzian Para-Sasakian Manifold
U.C. De, A. Al-Aqeel and A.A. Shaikh