Volume 31 • Number 1 • 2008

On the Geodesics of Tubular Surfaces in Minkowski 3-Space
Murat Kemal Karacan and Yusuf Yayli

Analytic Solution of a Free and Forced Convection with Suction and Injection Over a Non-Isothermal Wedge
Chandrasekar and M. Shanmugapriya

Subgroup Separability and Conjugacy Separability of Certain HNN Extensions
P. C. Wong and K. B. Wong

Some Methods for Generating Topologies by Relations
A. A. Allam, M. Y. Bakeir and E. A. Abo-Tabl

On a Result of Ozawa and Uniqueness of Meromorphic Function
Chao Meng

On Uniqueness of Meromorphic Functions with Shared Four Values in Some Angular Domains
Junfeng Xu and Hongxun Yi

Uniqueness of Meromorphic Functions Sharing Three Weighted Values
Indrajit Lahiri and Pulak Sahoo

Some Common Fixed Point Theorems in Complete L-Fuzzy Metric Spaces
R. Saadati, S. Sedghi, N. Shobe and S. M. Vaespour

Normal Families and Shared Values of Meromorphic Functions
Chao Meng

On Legendre Curves in α-Sasakian Manifolds
Cihan Ozgur and Mukut Mani Tripathi

A Stochastic Paris-Erdogan Model for Fatigue Crack Growth Using Two-State Model
Asma Ahmad Shariff