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Volume 34 • Number 3 • 2011
• Investigation of Some Conditions on $N(k)$-Quasi Einstein Manifolds
A. Taleshian and A. A. Hosseinzadeh

We consider $N(k)$-quasi Einstein manifolds satisfying the conditions $R(\xi,X)\cdot H=0$, $H(\xi,X)\cdot S=0$, $P(\xi,X)\cdot H=0$, $R(\xi,X)\cdot \bar{P}=0$ and $\bar{P}(\xi,X)\cdot S=0$ where $H$, $P$ and $\bar{P}$ denote the conharmonic curvature tensor, the projective curvature tensor and pseudo projective curvature tensor, respectively.

2010 Mathematics Subject Classification: 53C25.

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