Volume 36 • Number 1 • 2013

Bipartite Graphs with the Maximal Value of the Second Zagreb Index
Rongling Lang, Xiaole Deng and Hui Lu

On Vorticity Prediction Using Limited Rotated Richtmyer Scheme
Farzad Ismail

On the Radius Constants for Classes of Analytic Functions
Rosihan M. Ali, Naveen Kumar Jain and V. Ravichandran

On the Total $\{k\}$-Domination and Total $\{k\}$-Domatic Number of Graphs
H. Aram, S. M. Sheikholeslami and L. Volkmann

Improved Converse Theorems and Fractional Moduli of Smoothness in Orlicz Spaces
Ramazan Akgün

Submersion of Semi-Invariant Submanifolds of Trans-Sasakian Manifold
Mohammad Hasan Shahid, Falleh R. Al-Solamy, Jae-Bok Jun and Mobin Ahmad

Linear Preservers of Extremes of Matrix Pairs Over Nonbinary Boolean Algebra
Seok-Zun Song and Mun-Hwan Kang

Numerical Solution of Nonlinear Volterra Integral Equations with Nonincreasing Kernel and an Application
K. Maleknejad and E. Najafi

The Asymptotic Behavior of the Estrada Index for Trees
Xueliang Li and Yiyang Li

A Hybrid Extragradient Method for Pseudomonotone Equilibrium Problems and Fixed Point Problems
Pham Ngoc Anh

Multiplicity of Solutions for a Nonlinear Degenerate Problem in Anisotropic Variable Exponent Spaces
Denisa Stancu-Dumitru

Recognition of Finite Simple Groups Whose First Prime Graph Components are $r$-Regular
Liangcai Zhang, Wujie Shi, Dapeng Yu and Jin Wang

Signed $k$-Domatic Numbers of Digraphs
H. Aram, M. Atapour, S. M. Sheikholeslami and L. Volkmann

Completely Continuous Linear Maps on Semigroup Algebra
Ali Ghaffari

A Strong Limit Theorem for Sequences of Blockwise and Pairwise Negative Quadrant $M$-Dependent Random Variables
Vu Thi Ngoc Anh

The Relationships between Wiener Index, Stability Number and Clique Number of Composite Graphs
T. Doslic, M. Ghorbani and M. A. Hosseinzadeh

Results of Formal Local Cohomology Modules
Amir Mafi

Combinatorial Results for Certain Semigroups of Transformations Preserving Orientation and a Uniform Partition
Lei Sun

Optimal Reinsurance and Dividend Strategies with Capital Injections in Cramér-Lundberg Approximation Model
Yidong Wu

Unbounded Weighted Radon Measures and Dual of Certain Function Spaces with Strict Topology
S. Maghsoudi and A. Rejali

On a Conjecture Concerning Some Nonlinear Difference Equations
Chang-Wen Peng and Zong-Xuan Chen

A Degenerate and Singular Parabolic System Coupled Through Boundary Conditions
Yong-Sheng Mi, Chun-Lai Mu and Shou-Ming Zhou

Convergence Ball Analysis of a Modified Newton’s Method Under Hölder Continuous Condition in Banach Space
Qingbiao Wu and Hongmin Ren

Vertex-Disjoint Cycles of Order Eight with Chords in a Bipartite Graph
Qingsong Zou, Hongyu Chen and Guojun Li