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Volume 37 • Number 4 • 2014
• On ω1-Weakly pα-Projective Abelian p-Groups
Peter Danchev

For any infinite ordinal α, we consider the class of ω1-Weakly pα-Projective p-primary abelian groups and give its systematic study when α≤ω1. In particular, some applications are obtained for the ordinal α=ω⋅ 2 + n with $n ∈{N}$. One of the basic theorems is that a subgroup of an n-summable group of countable length α is also n-summable exactly when this subgroup is a Cα n-summable group. Our results substantially generalize those established by P. Keef in his recent publications

2010 Mathematics Subject Classification: 20K10

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