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LaTeX Workshop

Please be informed that School of Mathematical Sciences is going to organize 2 workshops.

All interested students, lecturers, and staffs please register at this link https://event.usm.my/latexworkshop.

Please refer to the attachment for more information. Meals and certification will be provided.

For any inquiries, please contact Ms. Siti Zulaikha 04-6532066 or email szulaikha.szmj@usm.com. 


Dear Participants,

We recommend that you bring your own laptop to the workshop. Please install the necessary software before you come to the workshop.  

To download LaTeX installer please click here and download according to your Operating System (Windows/Mac OS/Linux). 
Follow the instructions on the website to complete the installation.
Below are some helpful links containing information, guidelines and examples:
Be sure to keep yourself updated by visiting this webpage regularly. Materials will be uploaded closer to the date.
LaTeX Workshop Organisers

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National Statistics Competition 2018

Welcome to the world of Statistics. Statistics is the branch of mathematics used to collect, analyse, interpret, and present data. Statistics help us understand the world better. The field of Statistics is so widely applied into many different areas, that it became one of the vital elements in decision making.

Statistics is everywhere!

Do you think you understand the world of Statistics well? Or, do you want to challenge yourself and test your understanding in Statistics?


The second annual National Statistics Competition 2018 with total prizes worth up to RM2000++ is now open for registration! This competition is open to students from the age of 18-22, especially those pursuing Pre-University courses and university undergraduates! It defines your skills in 3 main Statistics areas, which are Data Description, Probability and Probability Distribution. The competition’s goal is to challenge students to formulate logical thinking behind the numbers instead of just calculating.

Interested? Come and challenge yourself just by registering in the link below:

Register - https://goo.gl/forms/SfxJiPb8LfZXUgkW2

Competition_Format -  https://goo.gl/tYc1Qm

Event_Detail -  https://goo.gl/16vTEX


Registration open on 18 June 2018.