Volume 23 • Number 1 • 2000

Limit Theorems for the Process of Exceedances in Large Populations
Ibrahim Rahimov and Husna Hasan

R. Balakrishnan and S. Suryanarayanan

On Köthe-Toeplitz Duals of Generalized Difference Sequence Spaces
Mikail Et and Ayhan Esi

Exploiting Symmetry in Electromagnetic Imaging Problems by using Group Representation Theory
Deepak Kumar Ghodgaonkar and Razidah Ismail

Range Symmetric Matrices in Minkowski Space
A.R. Meenakshi

Some Results on Congruences on Semihypergroups
Bijan Davvaz

Coincidence Point Theorems in Pseudocompact Tichonov Spaces
Zeqing Liu and Lili Zhang

Some Results on the Non-Commutative Neutrix Product of Distributions and
Adem Kilicman

On (4,2)-diagraphs Containing a Cycle of Length 2
Hazrul Iswadi and Edy Tri Baskoro