Volume 29 • Number 1 • 2006

Semi θ - Continuity in Intuitionistic Fuzzy Topological Spaces
I.M. Hanafy, A.M. Abd El-Aziz and T.M. Salman

A Modified Anderson-Darling Test for Uniformity
Mezbahur Rahman, Larry M. Pearson and Herbert C. Heien

Relatively Absolutely Countably Compact Spaces
Yan-Kui Song

3-Point Implicit Block Method for Solving Ordinary Differential Equations
Zanariah Abdul Majid, Mohamed Bin Suleiman and Zurni Omar

Numerical Solution of Mass Transfer Effects on Unsteady Flow Past an Accelerated Vertical Porous Plate with Suction
S.S. Das, S.K. Sahoo and G.C. Dash

Intersection Preserving and Global Expansions of Subalgebras and Filters in Lattice Implication Algebras
Young Bae Jun, Yang Xu and Keyun Qin

A Note on ξ-Conformally Flat Contact Manifolds
U.C. De and Sudipta Biswas

Product of Range Symmetric Block Matrices in Minkowski Space
AR. Meenakshi and D. Krishnaswamy

Some More Properties of FI and Regular I-Closed Sets in Ideal Topological Spaces
V. Jeyanthi, V. Renuka Devi and D. Sivaraj

A Bitopological (1,2) Semi-generalised Continuous Maps
O. Ravi and M. Lellis Thivagar

An Alternative Class of Estimators in Double Sampling
S.C. Senapati and L.N. Sahoo