Volume 29 • Number 2 • 2006

Generalized Solutions of Volterra Integral Equations of the First Kind
Nikolai A. Sidorov, Michail V. Falaleev and Denis N. Sidorov

The Cyclic Subgroup Separability of Certain HNN Extensions
P.C.Wong and K.B.Wong

On β-I-open Sets and a Decomposition of Almost-I-continuity
E. Hatir and T. Noiri

Compatible Factorizations and Three-fold Triple Systems
Haslinda Ibrahim

Direct Gradient Descent Control as a Dynamic Feedback Control for Linear System
J. Naiborhu, S.M. Nababan, R. Saragih, I. Pranoto

Chromatically Unique Bipartite Graphs With Certain 3-independent Partition Numbers II
Roslan Hasni and Y.H. Peng

Fuzzy Qs-Algebras With Interval-Valued Membership Functions
Arsham Borumand Saeid

Note on Transformations of Posets With the Same Upper Bound Graph and Minimal Elements
Kenjiro Ogawa, Morimasa Tsuchiya

On Relative 1½-StarLindelöfness
Yan-Kui Song, Guang-Fa Han and Pi-Yu Li

Conjoint Analysis: An Application in Eliciting Patientsí Preferences
Yen Siew Hwa

Intuitionistic Hyperideals of Semihypergroups
B. Davvaz

Holomorphic Distribution of CR-Submanifolds of a Complex Projective Space
S. H. Kon and Tee-How Loo