Volume 33 • Number 2 • 2010

Minimal Sequences and the Kadison-Singer Problem
Wayne Lawton

Simplicity of 2-Graph Algebras Associated to Dynamical Systems
Peter Lewin and David Pask

Lexicographic Product of Extendable Graphs
Bing Bai, Zefang Wu, Xu Yang and Qinglin Yu

The Connections Between Continued Fraction Representations of Units and Certain Hecke Groups
R. Sahin, S. Ikikardes, Ö. Koruoglu and I. N. Cangül

A Direct Approach to Co-Universal Algebras Associated to Directed Graphs
Aidan Sims and Samuel B. G. Webster

Analytical Approximation to Solutions of Singularly Perturbed Boundary Value Problems
Fazhan Geng and Minggen Cui

On Graph C*-Algebras with a Linear Ideal Lattice
Søren Eilers, Gunnar Restor and Efren Ruiz

Weak Potency of Fundamental Groups of Graphs of Groups
P. C. Wong, C. K. Tang and H. W. Gan

On a Cauchy-Jensen Functional Inequality
Abbas Najati, Jung-Rye Lee and Choonkil Park

A Property on Geodesic Mappings of Pseudo-Symmetric Riemannian Manifolds
Fengyun Fu and Peibiao Zhao

Quadratic Diophantine Equation x2 - ( t2 - t ) y2 - ( 4t-2 ) x + ( 4t2 - 4t ) y = 0
Arzu Özkoç and Ahmet Tekcan

On the Existence of T-Direction and Nevanlinna Direction of K-Quasi-Meromorphic Mappings Dealing with Multiple Values
HongYan Xu and Tang-Sen Zhan

Lie Group Analysis of Magnetohydrodynamic Flow and Mass Transfer of a Visco-Elastic Fluid Over a Porous Stretching Sheet
P. Anuradha and S. Krishnambal

On Subordination and Superordination of the Multiplier Transformation for Meromorphic Functions
Rosihan M. Ali, V. Ravichandran and N. Seenivasagan

Biharmonic Curves in Lorentzian Para-Sasakian Manifolds
Sadik Keles, Selcen Yüksel Perktas, Erol Kiliç

Regression Type Estimators of Finite Population Variance Under Multiphase Sampling
B. K. Pradhan