Volume 35 • Number 2A • 2012

The 5th Asian Mathematical Conference
See Keong Lee and Ahmad Izani Md. Ismail

Difference Sets and Sequences
Siu Lun Ma

Two-Fluid Nonlinear Mathematical Model for Pulsatile Blood Flow Through Stenosed Arteries
D. S. Sankar

On the Commutant of Certain Operators in the Bergman Space
Ali Abkar

On Parametric Random Truncation Models
Vasiliy Kim and Gerrit Eichner

Application of Adaptive Finite Element Method for Elliptic Partial Differential Equations to the Laplace Beltrami Operator on Graphs
Khamron Mekchay

Sharp Remainder Terms of the Rellich Inequality and its Application
Alnar Detalla, Toshio Horiuchi and Hiroshi Ando

On Azumaya Crossed Products
George Szeto

The Bounded Convergence Theorem for Riesz Space-Valued Choquet Integrals
Jun Kawabe

3-Point Implicit Block Multistep Method for the Solution of First Order ODEs
S. Mehrkanoon, Z. A. Majid, M. Suleiman, K. I. Othman and Z. B. Ibrahim

On Contractions and Invariants of Leibniz Algebras
Isamiddin S. Rakhimov and Kamel A. Mohd. Atan

Classes of Nonrigid Carnot Groups
Alessandro Ottazzi

A Summary on Pricing American Call Options Under the Assumption of a Lognormal Framework in the Korn-Rogers Model
Susanne Kruse and Marlene Müller

On Azumaya Galois Extensions
Lianyong Xue

The Sum of a Linear and a Linear Fractional Function: Pseudoconvexity on the Nonnegative Orthant and Solution Methods
Laura Martein and Laura Carosi