Farah Aini Abdullah

FA  Farah Aini Abdullah
B.Sc. USM, M.Sc. USM, Ph.D. University of Queensland
Applied Mathematics, Simulations of cell processes,
Computational Systems Biology
Room no: 024, Ext: 4765


Main research areas

  1. Fractional Differential Equations
  2. Numerical Solution of Partial Differential Equations
  3. Computational Biology
  4. Numerical  Modelling

Post-grad students graduated under main supervision:

  1. Hasibun Naher (2014) PhD
  2. Mohamed Baba Kutigi (2015) PhD
  3. Ghassan Ezzuldin Arif (2015) PhD

Short Biodata (< 100 words)

 I joined Universiti Sains Malaysia in October  2009 and am now senior lecturer  of Applied Mathematical Modelling at the School of Mathematical Sciences, USM . I completed my  PhD from University of Queensland Australia in 2009 in Computational Biology.  I have general  research interests  in Computational Mathematics and epidemic modelling. My current main research project is to understand how structure and dynamics,  of epidemic modelling focusing on tropical diseases.  We are currently developing a new analytical techniques for fractional time differential model . In future,   our focus will be on developing a new theory based on fractional diffusion to offer insights into the dynamics of heterogeneous  space . 

Sample publications within the last 5 years:

  • Hasibun .N., Abdullah F.A.  and Akbar M.A (2013) Generalized and Improved (G′/G)-Expansion Method for (3+1)-Dimensional Modified KdV-Zakharov-Kuznetsev Equation , PLoS ONE, vol 8, Issue 5 Article Number e64618
  • Abdullah, F.A.Using fractional differential equations to model the Michaelis-Menten reaction in a 2-d region containing obstacles, ScienceAsia Volume 37, Issue 1, Pages 75-78
  • Hasibun N, Abdullah F.A, (2013) Some new traveling wave solutions of the nonlinear reaction diffusion equation by using the improved (G′/G)-expansion method, Volume 2012, 2012, Article number 871724
  • Abdullah F.A, (2013) Simulations of Hirschsprung's disease using fractional differential equations,  Sains Malaysiana, Volume 42, Issue 5, May 2013, Pages 661-666
  • Abdullahi, M.B, Hasan Y.A. and Abdullah F.A, (2015) mathematical analysis of the effects of control of Plasmodium Knowlesi Malaria, Vol 32, Pakistan Journal of Statistics, Issue 5, pp 483-514
  • Naher, H and Abdullah F.A ,(2016) Further extension of the generalized and improved (G'/G)-expansion method for nonlinear evolution equation, Journal of the Association of Arab Universities for Basic and Applied Sciences, Volume 19, 1 February 2016, Pages 52-58  


Full Name

Assoc. Prof.  Dr. Farah Aini Binti Abdullah

Academic Qualifications:

1. MARA Institute of Technology
Diploma in Computer Science

2. Universiti Sains Malaysia
Bachelor of Science (Honours) (Mathematics)

3. Universiti Sains Malaysia
Master of Science (Information Technology)

4. University of Queensland,Australia
PhD 2005-2009- Prof. Kevin Burrage (Supervisor)

Current Professional Membership:

Persatuan Sains Matematik Malaysia (PERSAMA) – (No: FS2010-1)

Current Teaching and Administrative Responsibilities:



• Numerical Methods for Solving Differential Equations (MAT518)-Semester 1


• Numerical Methods for Solving Differential Equations (MAT518) Semester 1
• Mathematical Modelling (MSG 281) Semester 1
• Algebra For Science Students (MAA 111) Semester 2


• Mathematical Modelling (MSG 281) Semester 1
• Algebra For Science Students (MAA 111) Semester 2


• Mathematical Modelling (MSG 281) Semester 1
• Algebra For Science Students (MAA 111) Semester 2



AJK Pengajian Siswazah dan Penyelidikan PPSM
AJK Teknologi Bimbit


AJK Pengajian Siswazah dan Penyelidikan PPSM
Secretary for “Research Methodology and Scientific Writing workshop”-26-27 Nov, 31 Dec 2010
AJK (website) “The 4th National Conference On Graphing Calculator (NCGC 2011)”

Previous Employment:

1. Network Research Group, USM (Dr. Sureswaran Ramadass)
Research assistant on IPV6-2001

2. School of Mathematics and Physics, University of Queensland, Australia


1. March 2005-July 2005 (Basic Calculus I)
2. Sept 2005-Dec 2005 (Basic Calculus II)
3. March 2006-Aug 2006 (Linear Algebra)
3. Sept 2007-Dec 2007 (Differential Equations)

Conferences and Training:



1. Abdullah, F.A., Burrage K., Convergence and Stability Analysis of Fractional Reaction Diffusion Equations, 5th Asian Mathematical Conference, June 22-26, 2009, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

2. Abdullah, F.A., Burrage K., Modelling of Hirschsprung’s Disease using FDEs, The 14th Biennial Computational Techniques and Applications Conference (CTAC’08), 2008, Australian National University, Canberra, Australia

3. Abdullah, F.A., Burrage, K., Spatial Modelling of The Living Cell, Queensland branch of ANZIAM, 2007, Caloundra, Australia.

4. Spatial Modelling of The Living Cell (Poster presentation), Australian Conference in Bioinformatics, 2007, University of Queensland, Brisbane.

5. General seminar, present a talk on “Spatial Modelling of the Living Cell” and “Fractional model of Hantavirus Infection” USM, 2009

6. Regional Conference on Applied and Engineering Mathematics (participant) ,2-3 June 2010, Penang.


1. Bengkel E-Learning (Basic Moodle), USM, 11 Feb, 2010

2. Taklimat Pengurusan Data KPI, USM,3 March 2010

3. Kursus Induksi Umum (Kump.1), Unit Latihan USM, 1 April 2010

4. Kursus Induksi Khusus (Kump.1), Unit Latihan USM ,7 April 2010

5. Workshop on Writing Effective Grant Proposal, Technique & Tips, Vistana Hotel, Penang,12 April 2010

6. Bengkel Kajian Semula Program Sarjana, Tower Regency Hotel, Ipoh, 28 May 2010

7. Kursus Sijil Pengajaran dan Pembelajaran (P&P), Unit Latihan USM, 10-22 June 2010

8. Bengkel Latihan Penyeliaan Pelajar RIT dan Penyelia serta Pendaftaran Calon, IPS USM, 14 July 2010

9. Bengkel Peningkatan Prestasi Komputer, USM, 29 June 2010

10. A Mathematica Talk & A 6-Hours Mathematica Workshop 2010, School of Mathematical Sciences, 2 August 2010

11. Effective writing and Publishing ( AKEPT), Promenade Hotel, Sabah, 25 Oct 2010

12. Developing a quality research portfolio( AKEPT), Promenade Hotel, Sabah, 26-27 Oct 2010

13. Bengkel Latihan Penyeliaan Calon Siswazah Penyelidikan, Kerangka dan Persedian Viva, IPS USM, 30 Nov 2010.



1. Mathematics and Physics of Soft and Biological Matter, The Abdus Salam Int'l Centre for Theoretical Physics, Trieste, Italy-2-13 May 2011 (Poster presentation)

2. Simposium Kebangsaan Sains Matematik, Uitm Penang, 9-11 Nov 2011(Presenting a talk titled Anomalous Behaviour in Crowded environments)

3. 4th National Conference on Graphing Calculator, Penang -June 2011


1. Workshop on PhD supervision, organised by Institute of Postgraduate Studies- Aug 2011

Research and Publications(<10 years experience):


Have interest in Computational Systems Biology with focus on spatial simulation algorithms for chemical kinetics and simulation of cell processes anomalous diffusion. Currently in progress of developing a fractional mathematical model to certain developmental biological problems.

Research Grant:

1. Incentive Grant(period: 14 Jan 2010-14 Jan 2011) 304/JPNP/600004

2. Title of project: Simulating Hirschsprung's Disease in Fractional Model

3. Short Term Grant (period: 15 Nov 2010 -15 Nov 2012) 304/PMATHS/6310072

4. Title of project: Simulation of Anomalous Diffusion Behaviour in Neural Crest Cell migration
Using Fractional Order Calculus



1. Abdullah, F.A, Burrage, K., Modelling Travelling Waves in Spatially Constrained Environments, Proceedings of The 2nd IMT-GT Regional Conference on Mathematics, Statistics & Applications, (June 13-15, 2006, Penang, Malaysia), Universiti Sains Malaysia, 2006, ISBN 983-3391-87-7(vol. II), pp 76-82.


1. Abdullah, F.A., Using fractional differential equations to model Michaelis-Menten reaction in 2-d region containing obstacles , ScienceAsia, vol 37 (2011). pp. 75-78
doi: 10.2306/scienceasia1513-1874.2011.37.075

2. Abdullah, F.A., Ismail, A.I.M., Simulations of the spread of the Hantavirus using FDEs, (has been accepted for publication in MATEMATIKA (December 2011 )).Accepted date: September 2011

3. Naher, H., F. A. Abdullah, and M. A. Akbar, 2011, New traveling wave solutions of the higher dimensional nonlinear partial differential equation by the Exp-function method, J. of Appl. Math., (Article ID: 575387, in press). Accepted Date: 4th October, 2011.

4. Naher, H., F. A. Abdullah, and M. A. Akbar, 2011, The (G'/G)-expansion method for abundant traveling wave solutions of Caudrey-Dodd-Gibbon equation, Math. Prob. Eng., Vol 2011, Article ID 218216, doi: 10.115/2011/218216

5. Naher, H., F. A. Abdullah and M. Ali Akbar, 2011, The exp-function method for new exact solutions of the nonlinear partial differential equations, International Journal of the Physical Sciences, Vol. 6(29) pp: 6706-6716.

6. Farah Aini Abdullah, 2011, Molecular Movements In Crowded Environments, Research In Applied Mathematics, School of Mathematical Sciences, USM, pp: 23-33.
ISBN 978-967-394-068-4

7. Fatimah Samihah Zulkarnain, Farah Aini Abdullah, 2011, Pembentukan Corak pada Bulu Haiwan Mamalia melalui Model Tindak Balas Penyebaran, Research in Applied
Mathematics, School of Mathematical Sciences, USM, pp: 47-55. ISBN 978-967-394-068-4

Publications (Revision process):

1. Manuscript entitled “Simulation of Hirschsprung’s Disease using Fractional Differential equations” authored by Abdullah F.A, submitted to Sains Malaysiana.(ref no: 2011/07/20(233) under revision)

2. Convergence and Stability Analysis of FDE, authored by Abdullah F. A, in preparation.

3. Manuscript entitled "Spatial modelling of the living cell" authored by Abdullah F.A has been submitted to World Applied Sciences Journal - under revision


USM Mentor System

Undergraduate’s Supervision


Project 1-Tumor Growth, Norzawani Amran,Norfarliyana Razalee
Project 2 – Airborne diseases, Rohaslinda Hassan, Masita Yaacob
Project 3 – Wound Healing, Kalawati, Chew Xin Yi

Project 1- Tumor and Chemotherapy, Nik Nazirah Binti Mohamad 105917, Lee Pei Ing 105905
Project 2- Neural Crest Cell simulation Nor Aziyatul Izni Binti Mohd Rosli 105920, Nurul Najihah Binti A.Rusli 105927
Project 3-Virus Infection Mohd Saiful Bin Ayob 105912, Nazirul Akmal Bin Musa 105915

Graduate’s Supervision

2010-2011 (Mixed Mode)
- Nursyamimi
- Afiqah
- NurFarhani
- Fatimah Samihah

2011-2012 (Mixed Mode)

- Nur Izzati Khairuddin
- Ayuni Marni Binti Abdul Manap
- Mohd Azizi Bin Mohd Noor

Main Supervisor

Ms Hasibun Naher – starting from December 2010


Ali Fareed Jamel –starting from January 2011 ( Main supervisor -Prof Ahmad Izani Md. Ismail)
Gasan Al-Yaroubi - ( Main supervisor -Assoc. Prof. Dr. Roslan Hasni)

Other Relevant Information:

Honours / Awards:

1. Dean List-MARA Institute of Technology

First semester, May 1996

Third semester, May 1997

Fourth semester, Oct 1997

Fifth semester, 1998

2. Awarded scholarship by the Ministry of Higher Education, Malaysia and USM from 31/08/04 until 31/02/08(three and the half years) to pursue PhD studies at the University of Queensland, Australia.

3. Anugerah Pengajaran Cemerlang –MAT 518, Semester 1 2010/2011

4. Anugerah Pengajaran Cemerlang –MSG 281, Semester 1 2010/2011