Volume 33 • Number 3 • 2010

Degree Conditions of Fractional ID-k-Factor-Critical Graphs
Renying Chang, Guizhen Liu and Yan Zhu

From the Eisenhart Problem to Ricci Solitons in ƒ-Kenmotsu Manifolds
Constantin Calin and Mircea Crasmareanu

Entropy for a Pair of Subalgebras via Automorphisms
Marie Choda

Isomorphism Theorems of Polygroups
B. Davvaz

Nice Bases for Mixed and Torsion-free Abelian Groups
Peter Danchev

Martingale Convergence Theorems in JW-Algebras
Abdusalom Karimov and Farrukh Mukhamedov

A Product Involving the β-Family in Stable Homotopy Theory
Xiugui Liu and Wending Li

Rational Recursive Equations Characterizing Cotangent-tangent and Hyperbolic Cotangent-tangent Functions
Charinthip Hengkrawit, Vichian Laohakosol and Patanee Udomkavanich

A Class of Integral Operators Preserving Subordination and Superordination
Nak Eun Cho and Oh Sang Kwon

The Determination of Parabolic Points in Modular and Extended Modular Groups by Continued Fractions
Özden Koruoglu

Weakly Stable Rings and Related Comparability
Huanyin Chen

Generalized Fuzzy Compactness in L-Topological Spaces
Zhen-Guo Xu, Hong-Yan Li and Zi-Qiu Yun

Flat Surfaces in the Euclidean Space E3 with Pointwise 1-Type Gauss Map
Ugur Dursun

Normality Criterion Concerning Sharing Functions II
Jiying Xia and Yan Xu

The Partial-Isometric Crossed Products of c0 by the Forward and Backward Shifts
Sriwulan Adji and Abbas Hosseini

The Essential Norm and Spectrum of a Weighted Composition Operator on H(BN)
Cheng Yuan and Ze-Hua Zhou