Ong Wen Eng

OWE  Ong Wen Eng
B.Sc., M.Sc. UM, Ph.D. Canterbury
Surface Approximation, Shortest Path Algorithm
Room no: 112, Ext: 4776 



Main research areas

  1. Surface Approximation
  2. Shortest Path Algorithm

Post-grad students graduated under main supervision:

  1. Nur Athira Bt Kamaruzaman (Mixed-mode MSc 2015) Some Shortest Part Algorithms And Its Applications
  2. Nor Fatin Amira Binti Juhari (Mixed-mode MSc 2015) Graph Visibility Problems

Short Biodata (< 100 words)

My main research interest is surface reconstruction. It is one of the significant applications of scattered data interpolation and approximation. In practice, it is very much related to the subject of computational geometry and object modelling where curve, surface, solid or object representation is to be sought from a given finite set of data. The obtained mathematical representation is often studied and the reconstructed object is placed in computer graphics environment for viewing, printing, or further manipulation. Besides, I am also interested in computational algorithms particularly in shortest path problem. Real road networks in transportation and industrial automation and motion planning in robotics are amongst the applications of shortest path problem.

Sample publications within the last 5 years:

  1. Faster fast evaluation of thin plate splines in two dimensions, R. K. Beatson, W. E. Ong and I. Rychkov, Journal of Computational and Applied Mathematics, 261, 201 - 212, 2014. doi:10.1016/ (ISI Impact Factor 2014: 1.266)
  2. Reconstruction with blobby shapes, W. E. Ong, R. K. Beatson and C. J. Price, ANZIAM Journal, 52, C598 - C611, 2011. (ISI Impact Factor: 1.025)
  3. Electron and positron scattering from atomic potassium, K. Ratnavelu, and W. E. Ong, Eur. Phys. J. D. 64, 269 - 285, 2011. (ISI Impact Factor 2014: 1.228)