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Undergraduate Timetable Semester 1 - 2022/2023

Academic Calendar - 2022/2023 


Guideline for Group Work 
Philosophy and Current Issues (HFF225)
Semester I, Academic Session 2022/2023

HFF225 Course Description (in Malay)
HFF225 Course Description (in English)                                                                                                         
HFF225 Groups 

For enquiries regarding the HFF225 supervision, kindly contact Dr Yazariah Mohd Yatim (


Panduan Pelaksanaan Kerja Kursus Berkumpulan
Kursus Penghayatan Etika dan Peradaban (HFE224)

Semester II, Sidang Akademik 2021/2022

Maklumat Kursus HFE224
Agihan Kumpulan HFE224 

Untuk sebarang pertanyaan berkenaan penyeliaan HFE224, sila hubungi Dr Yazariah Mohd Yatim (


Final Year Project

All students in the B. App. Sc. program have to undertake a final year project (FYP). The project is one semester.
For B. Sc. program, students may take Minor Project.

If you are taking FYP in Semester 2, Academic Year 2022/2023, please refer to the following flowchart:

FYP form flowchart

The aims of the project are:

i) to give an opportunity for students to work on a particular topic relevant to the program

ii) to give students an introduction to the methods and experience of research, and to make them better prepared to start a research degree or work in a research and development environment

iii) to develop students’ ability to organise their work in a substantial project.

iv) to develop students’ ability to present their work in both written and oral form.

Below are examples of Projects carried out by former students:

B. App. Sc. (Mathematical Modeling, Computer Modeling)

1. Wavelets in Digital Signal Processing
2. Traffic Flow Models
3. Environmental Modelling
4. The Numerical Solution of Nonlinear Systems of Equations
5. Solution of Biharmonic Problem using Parallel Virtual Machine
6. One Dimensional Linear Convection Equation
7. Mathematical Modelling for Fruit Plantation Industry
8. Design of Digital Filters
9. Teaching and Learning Bezier Curves using Visual Basic
10. Rendering of Curves and Surfaces using Mathematica
11. Surface Reconstruction
12. Fairing and Shape Preservation of Curves and Surfaces
13. Range Restricted Curve and Surfaces Interpolation
14. Building a Car Model
15. An Introduction to Bezier’s World
16. Scattered Data Interpolation
17. Animation with 3D Studio
18. Application of CAD Software in Drawing and Animation

B. App. Sc. (Applied Statistics)

1. Customer relationship management for K-economy using knowledge management
2. The effect of big counters in the KL Stock Exchange composite index
3. Calibration and MSA in Dynacraft
4. Quality control charts for attributes
5. Use of CPK test and hypothesis testing in industry
6. Research in Distribution of Down’s Syndrome in Penang
7. Application of Statistics in the Power Tool Industry
8. Optimization of Battery Park Equipment Parameters Using Steepest Ascent and Uniform Precision Centre Composite Design
9. A Comparison of the Performances of the R, S and S2 Control Charts
10. Investigating Non-Financial Factors Affecting KLSE Composite Index
11. Time Series Analysis for Futures Contract in Malaysian Derivative Market
12. Research in factors affecting Major Diseases in Malaysia by using Categorization Analysis Methodology
13. Economic analysis in car production
14. Use of quality control techniques in industry
15. Research in Factors Affecting Marriage and Divorce Rates in South Malaysia
16. Sample Size Determination
17. Preventive Maintenance for Feeder
18. Product Failure Analysis, Process Verification and Optimization
19. To Qualify Tin Silver Copper Solder Paste for SMT Process

B. App. Sc. (Mathematics and Economics)

1. Econometric Model for Malaysian Coconut Products: Internal and External Simulation Analysis
2. Automobile Market Analysis in Malaysia
3. Gross National Products in Aggregate Demand: Analysis for Malaysia
4. The Correlations between Exchange Rates, Foreign Reserves and Foreign Indices against Kuala Lumpur Composite Index
5. Firm Performance Analysis against Income
6. An Inflation Analysis by Using Econometric Approach
7. Modelling Financial Flows in the Malaysian Economy
8. Time Series Analysis for Currency Exchange Before and After Economy Downturn
9. Research in Financial Ratio Usage as Economic Index
10. Time Series Analysis for Major Sectors in BSKL Main Board
11. Malaysia’s Stock Market After the World Economic Crisis
12. Financial Literacy among USM Students
13. Efficiency of Foreign Exchange Markets: An ASEAN Countries Perspective
14. Sabotage and Productivity in Tournament Competition
15. Moral Hazard and Reciprocity in A One Short Relation in Employment Contract

B. App. Sc. (Operations Research)

1. Studies on use of Operations Research in society
2. Traveling Salesman Problem
3. Genetic Algorithms in Scheduling Problems
4. Application of AHP in Tourism
5. Analysis of Optimizing Processes in Shipping and Logistics
6. Process Characterization
7. Multiple Criteria Decision Making (MCDM) in Industry Problems
8. The Project of Workforce Planning Tool: Worker Allocation Solver in Intel

                                  new2 Best Poster of Final Year Project 2019 / 2020 new2

Best Poster PM

Best Poster OR

Best Poster ST

Best Poster ME



Minor Project

All students starting in Year 2021/2022  of the B. Sc. program  have to undertake a minor project. The project is one semester. 

Minor Project requires students to do research and/or study on a topic under the supervision of a lecturer. At the end of the course students are required to submit a report to be evaluated and also to give a presentation.

Upon completion of this course, students are able to: 

1. reproduce the ideas and concepts learned from reading the materials related to the research topic

2. present clearly and efficiently the presentation on the progress and results of the research

3. join in on a meaningful discussion of a mathematical topic

4. practise responsibility in completing written assignments ethically

5. display effort to investigate or search information in completing a task related to the project

6. organize well research activities according to a stipulated timeline

Note : Each student is required to find a supervisor individually and decide on the project topic prior to registering for the course. The student must fill-up the “MINOR Project Form” and submit it to the general office after obtaining the supervisor’s signature.


Below are examples of Projects carried out by former students:

B. Sc.

1. Proof of the Solomon’s Theorem
2. Combinatorial Groups
3. Elliptic Curve Cryptography
4. Matrix Transformation
5. Number Theory in Error Correcting Code
6. Cryptography
7. Watermarking in Image Authentication
8. Artificial Immune System
9. Pre-processing and post-processing in neural networks as applied to human face recognition



Industrial Training

Industrial training is optional (but encouraged) for all undergraduate students. Participation in an industrial training will be mentioned in your academic transcript, but no unit and grade will be assigned.

The following files will help you in writing your report, preparing your logbook and also in finding places for your training.

  1. Application and Support Letters (Sample)
  2. Format of Report
  3. Format of Logbook
  4. Sample of LI Report
  5. Website of latest Companies in Penang

Handouts from Industrial Talks :

  1. Resume Sample
  2. Effective Interview Preparation handout

For further enquiries, please get in touch with Dr. Fam Pei Shan (


Exchange Program


USM offers exchange program to other partner universities. With this program, you are able to transfer academic credit to your current program and exempted from paying tuition fee at that university.

For more information, please visit



For co-curricular handbook, please refer to Please visit for more details such as timetable, course instructor information etc.

Minor Programme

For minor packages handbook, please refer to

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